Nick Fuentes’ repeated acts of prejudice merit a permanent ban from Twitter, if not all of social media.

Social media is a contentious thing, with numerous controversies spawning from the multifaceted form of communication. However, Twitter has been the center of numerous controversies surrounding its rules and its inability to handle white nationalists, especially with Trump’s posts emboldening them. In some cases, Twitter has taken action against the most heinous examples of bigotry. In one example, Stephen Molyneux, an infamous white nationalist, and misogynist was banned off of the platform. However, many white nationalists remain active on Twitter. One such example is Nick Fuentes.

Fuentes is a controversial figure. He’s feuded with Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk, arguing they are part of what he calls “Conservatism Inc,” corporate conservatives. And while that may make my progressive readers like him, Fuentes is deeply anti-semitic. After the Unite The Right Rally at Charlottesville ended in violence, Daily Wire Commentator Matt Walsh denounced the protest for its violence. Fuentes responded by calling Walsh a “shabbos goy race traitor.” And if you have any doubts about what he meant, Fuentes makes his intentions clear, saying: “Matt Walsh, shabbos goy race traitor. That’s what it is, folks. I know some people don’t like to use that expression, but it’s totally true — throwing his own people under the bus. He hates white people. Nobody else talks like that about their own people except for white people and it’s gross,” Fuentes said, going on to mock Walsh: “…you work for Jews, you know.”

It was not the first time that Fuentes has attacked his critics based on their race. When Dinesh D’souza, a right-wing commentator and director went after white nationalists, Fuentes reacted in his typical fashion, spewing a litany of bile at D’souza, saying: “Dinesh D’Souza is gonna roll up to our shore from India, from smelly, open-defecation India, and he’s going to tell us that Robert E. Lee was a racist.”

All of this toxicity from Fuentes would seemingly make him unapproachable by conservatives, and while some have done their best to avoid him, others have not. Notably, Michelle Malkin endorsed Fuente’s so-called America First Political Action Conference in 2020, giving an aura of legitimacy to the racist event, as she once spoke at CPAC, an event of conservatives that has been a staple of modern conservatism since it first started in 1974. With this increased legitimacy, it is imperative that Fuentes’ vitriolic absurdity is restricted, if not removed entirely. For this reason, I have kept Fuentes’ horrid comment uncensored, as I hope that such prejudice will eventually be banned due to the intense vulgarity and hatred that Twitter supposedly opposes. If referring to people with such blatant racial insults is not a violation of Twitter’s terms of service, then nothing does. It is incumbent upon Twitter and all other social media platforms to denounce this Klansman in a suit and end all their business association with him.

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