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  • Tristam Pratorius the Social Democrat🌹

    Tristam Pratorius the Social Democrat🌹

    Social democrat. Socialist. I like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Eduard Bernstein. Social democracy as a theory is aimed at achieving socialism democratically

  • Inflationskonig


    A different version of the truth.

  • Democratic Party of Georgia

    Democratic Party of Georgia

    We value responsibility and smart, practical policies that benefit us all. www.georgiademocrat.org

  • Adam Weinstein

    Adam Weinstein

    Senior editor and writer. Formerly WSJ, Mother Jones, Village Voice, Gawker, DOD. Keeper of the National Insecurity newsletter: adamweinstein.substack.com.

  • Dario ⛩️

    Dario ⛩️

    Refugee from the bosnian genocide who founded a co-op. Libertarian socialist, debate nerd & sword enthusiast.

  • Fair Punishment Proj

    Fair Punishment Proj

    Fair Punishment Project is a joint initiative of Harvard Law School's Charles Hamilton Houston Institute and the Criminal Justice Institute.

  • Michael Hayden

    Michael Hayden

    Writer for New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Open Magazine, The Caravan, Motherland & others. Published playwright. Produced screenwriter. Views are my own.

  • Max Foley-Kemp

    Max Foley-Kemp

    “I visit Fox News every now and again, and it’s nice, because the Eye of Mordor is above the building.” - Jon Stewart

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