Thanks for your comment, Justin. I appreciate your concerns regarding the sensitivity of the subject, and I appreciate your desire to see humanity live in harmony with itself. That’s a goal no reasonable person would disregard. That said, I do have some disagreements with your characterizations of Dr. Peterson’s claims. For one, I think it is important to note that he makes a clear claim that Hitler was not concerned with winning the war and that he was motivated by what he describes as The Mark of Cain. This is a broad claim, sure, but more than that it is completely unsubstantiated. The reason I bring up the specifics of the historical not to be pedantic, but to address very important aspects of the history profession, of which I am a student. These are not pedantic points, but are instead prerequisites for doing good and accurate history. Peterson disregards them, which is why I criticized him.

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Conor Kelly is a politics and history major currently enrolled at Loras College. His interests include politics, and history. Support me here:

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